Background assets for DeNA projects

Background assets for Royal Defenders & Timenauts. Both adventure strategy games developed by DeNA Santiago that ran

Comics for Royal Defenders

Intro comic and chapter comic strips for Royal Defenders. The first two ones appeared as an intro to the game and the other

Characters for Royal Defenders

Characters designed for Royal Defenders app. Royal Defenders was a tower assault adventure game developed by DeNA Santiago t

Airsoft store logo

Logo for a airsoft store in Santiago (2013).

Animation sprites for OOni Battle: Arena

  Animation sprites for four characters of OOni: Battle Arena videogame. OOni: Battle Arena was a battle strategy game

Muck fan art

Pokémon Muck for the The Official Chilean Pokédex Project (2014).

Shaun of the Darkness

Poster for Shaun of the dead movie (in a Army of darkness style). Available on my ETSY store 2013.


  Personaje zombie bien sangriento y sediento de cerebros para el logo del sitio Zombiezone. 2013.

Love your daddy

Para Gatomagenta, 2011

Poster Pulp fiction

Pulp Fiction movie poster. Available on my ETSY store

Poster León: El profesional

Leon, the professional movie poster. Available on my ETSY store

La nostalgia de Frank

Para Gatomagenta, 2011

Epic battles: Jesús vs. Darwin

Para Gatomagenta, 2009

Saint Travis goes to heaven

  Taxi Driver illustration. Available on my ETSY store Guardar

Vespa love

Para Gatomagenta, 2008